Maldives Real Estate Solution

A COMPLETE Real Estate solution provider in MALDIVES and worldwide!

Our experienced real estate brokers and agents in Maldives can help you find your dream house, apartment or land in Maldives. Whether you are an investor or an individual, we bring you our real estate solution that very few in Maldives provides.


Yes. Our solution includes finding you the best and available location anywhere in Maldives. For investors, we have many real estate projects starting from resort development to guesthouse etc. It is not finished from there. We will assist you dealing with the authorities, get appointments with contractors, bank officials etc. You name it and we will make sure we are there to provide it.

I want to BUY or LEASE  a land in Maldives. Can I?

Yes,indeed. There are locals out there, due to personal reasons, who are willing to sell or give their land(s) for lease.

How long can I RENT a land or house etc?

It depends. If you wish to rent a house or land from an individual both parties could come up with an agreement on the duration of the rent period. If you are renting a government property like islands for resort projects etc, then you can get for 25 years and can extend to 50 years. There is always a thing called negotiate.

Governing Law Procedures?

All the properties in Maldives will be under the jurisdiction of Maldivian law. The contracts will be registered under Maldivian law and the court matters will be held as well. In cases like foreign investments there is a separate law already approved which can be available on request.

Any REFUNDABLE or NON-REFUNDABLE payments charged?

Everything these days comes for a price. Our solution is depended on how many services you want us to do. Whether you want us to do only brokerage or be your agent for the rest of your real estate involvement in Maldives, our charges then vary. However for a security deposit, which is non-refundable, we charge a price relevant to the service we are about to proceed. This security is made non-refundable because to avoid frauds, clients who lacks seriousness and to make sure we are not wasting our time with such personnel.

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