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"Raajje", what we call Maldives in Dhivehi is truly a wonderful place to visit. Every year thousands of foreigners/tourists visits Maldives for a vacation, business meeting or to seek investment opportunities. Maldives has got the best natural islands with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water surrounds them. Even if you are on a ship at the sea or on air in an aircraft, you will see the perfect lagoons followed by #EXTRAORDINARY #EXCITEMENT #PICTURESQUE # AMUSEMENT #RELAXATION #ATTRACTION

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LUX* North Malé Atoll - A slice of heaven on Earth!

Sitting in a speedboat, I patiently for us to reach our island destination. While the wind howled in my face, I spot a milky white dot in the distance. As our speedboat approached closer, I could make out beautiful white buildings spread out on the beachfront of an even more beautiful island.

We had finally arrived at the newly opened luxury Maldivian destination, LUX* Northmale’ Atoll.

The ultra-modern luxury resort boasting of 67 luxury villas and residences, with multi-storey villas spread over six hectares of land displays the unique exquisiteness of the island. Although the modern contemporary design of the buildings are distinctive, it succeeds in giving off a familiar homey vibe.

I had been so enthralled by the beauty of the island I had not even realized I had gotten off the boat and was standing idly, gawking at what I was seeing! It was only when I was greeted by my personal butler that I was jolted out of my trance, who then proceeded to give me a detailed orientation of the island.

Situated on the island of Olhahali just off the coast of Male’ atoll, LUX* Nort Male’ is definitely is one of the Maldives most luxurious and exclusive beachfront escapes. Less than an hour away by speedboat from Malé and the international airport, LUX* North Malé Atoll is only 31 nautical miles (56 kilometres) north of the capital of the Maldives.

Co-designed by a talented local and the famed Singaporean luxury hotel architects, Miaja Design Group, the idyllic location amid an unexplored reef teeming with extraordinary sea life, LUX* takes its style cues and interior design inspiration from the nautical world.

Though beautiful resorts in Maldives are a dime a dozen, the new LUX* resort may just trump them all - designed in hues of white, the beach front of the resort dazzles from the outset - its modern, minimalist inspired villas cascading dramatically down a pearly white beach into the ocean.

With a total of 67 villas, 19 villas are nestled on a deserted stretch of pristine white-sand coast. The villas pay homage to the traditional Maldivian lifestyle without losing its modern touch, the white of the sleek multistorey buildings reflecting the sand. The view from the villas beg to be photographed, the villa spilling over into you having the Indian Ocean as your backyard. The house-reef of the secluded island clearly visible from the villa, the dolphins frolicking in the ocean was a sight to behold! - as you yourself play around in the swimming pool situated in your private villa.

From its luxurious rooftop pool, guests can admire the entire expanse of the lagoon, while also having the option to sleep under the stars. Watching the beautiful hues of the sky as the sun rises by day, admiring the rising and setting of the twinkling stars as you lay on a deck chair sipping a drink by night - what more can you ask for?

Umm, maybe some food?

Say no more! The decks are equipped with the facilities to have your own private barbecues!

And what’s more, the picturesque location comes with guaranteed privacy.

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February 5th 2019

Baros ranked among the top luxury hotels in the world

Source: MMPRC

Baros Maldives has been named among the top Luxury Hotels in the World, by the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor in their annual Travelers’ Choice Awards. Baros was also named as the top Luxury hotel in Asia, and in the Maldives.

Travelers’ Choice awards are the highest honour that TripAdvisor website can give and the award winners are determined by the reviews and opinions from millions of travellers who visit the website to share their experiences and rate businesses.

Baros won eight awards in different categories in Travelers’ Choice Awards 2019.

The General Manager, Mr. Jay commented that this is certainly a remarkable achievement for Baros, noting that these awards represent what the team at Baros stand for, which is to provide transformative and highly personal service, embracing guests with a deep level of genuine care, always placing the individual experience ahead of the bottom line. He commented: “On behalf of the Baros team, I would like to thank all the guests who shared their Baros experience on Trip Advisor.”

February 4th 2019