Maldives Business Incubation

You can now set up your business office in Maldives. Exclusive for overseas companies!

We will assist to set up your office in Maldives. Whether you like to promote your products, services or invest in a big money project that you need to establish your venture in Maldives, let us help you go forward and establish your presence for long term.

Why start a business in Maldives?

Maldives is expected to be among the most dynamic trading economy in the developing world. With the global economic meltdown triggered by the American economic crisis pulling down all powerful and big economies across the globe, Maldives has got two economies that cannot be slipped - Tourism and Shipping.


Higher Performance

* Highly Experienced Global Team of Professionals in Legal, Management, Business, Trade domains

* Careful Evaluation of Business Risks

* Full Utilization of Opportunities

Less mistakes

   * Cost effective Business Startup options

    * Faster Access to Market

    * Cultural differences awareness to conclude better deals

Leverage RAAJJE MARKET expertise and start your business in Maldives. We have a team of professionals from various fields - business, trade, finance, accounts and auditing, sourcing and marketing, market research and legal practice from around the globe with years of experience, which will help you establish a strong business foundation in Maldives, with minimum risk and faster access to market.

Our team and partners consisting of lawyers, CPA's, trading professionals with several years of experience and expertise in doing business in Maldives, will help you carefully evaluate business risks quite early and make full use of the vast business opportunities offered by its strong and dynamic market.

How to enter Maldives with Mitigated Risks?

Differences in culture, business practices, business etiquette and protocol are some of the areas where business people can face challenges. Cross cultural understanding is an important tool for any international business person, company or organization to acquire when doing business abroad.

Maldives has emerged, and will remain as an amazing economic power that brings plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and business people alike from outside Maldives. If you plan to do business in Maldives, there are several areas to study prior to launching your business venture.

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