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"Raajje", what we call Maldives in Dhivehi is truly a wonderful place to visit. Every year thousands of foreigners/tourists visits Maldives for a vacation, business meeting or to seek investment opportunities. Maldives has got the best natural islands with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water surrounds them. Even if you are on a ship at the sea or on air in an aircraft, you will see the perfect lagoons followed by #EXTRAORDINARY #EXCITEMENT #PICTURESQUE # AMUSEMENT #RELAXATION #ATTRACTION

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  • Partnership with local and foreign businesses to promote and market their products and services in Maldives
  • Source funding for projects based in Maldives
  • Complete real estate solution
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Our Latest News

Maldives Selected as top Destination of Kuoni

Maldives has been listed as the top destination among the customers of Kuoni, for the 16th consecutive year.

The number of tourists from the UK who visited Maldives during the year 2018 has increased by 10.2% as per the annual report of Kuoni. The number of tourists is expected to increase in the upcoming 2 years with the opening of new resorts and ongoing projects. An increase in the seaplane movements has also been noted among the tourists who visited Maldives via Kunoi.

In addition to this, showcasing aquatic life in different forms such as eco-centers attracts more tourists to Maldives as per Kuoni. They also noted the effort by Maldivian resorts in reducing the amount of single-use plastic and and opting environment friendly innovations.

Kuoni is an internationally recognized travel operator of UK founded in 1906 and has been in operation for more than 50 years. Kuoni has won several awards in the hospitality industry and is renowned around the globe.

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May 13th 2019

Campaign launched by MWSC for saving H2O

Male’ Water & Sewerage Company Pvt Ltd (MWSC), the pioneer organization in the Maldives to institute a water production and wastewater management system has worked diligently to provide the people of Male’ with potable water and manage wastewater sustainably, and at present serves approximately more than 50% of the Maldivian population.

They have initiated and started a wonderful campaign, WaterWorth which is a series of tips trying to aware the people to save the water and the use of doing so by providing great returns as examples. Check out the pictures in this airticle..

May 10th 2019